4. Future LDP Development

The current horizontal and vertical datums will be replaced by a single 3D datum, the North American Terrestrial Reference Frame of 2022 (NATRF2022); planned completion is 2024. In conjunction with the new datum, the NGS will redesign state coordinate systems. Each state will have:

  • a single statewide coordinate system (mapping quality)
  • an updated SPC (SPCS2022) system consisting of one or more zones (survey quality)

SPCS2022 will use tighter distortion standards than the current 1/10,000.

NGS also will design and support a "limited" number LDPs for a state. Original NGS policy was to avoid developing and maintaining an extremely large number of coordinate systems. States with existing LDPs have petitioned NGS for an exemption to incorporate their systems.

Most states have formed committees or task forces who interface with NGS on system design and implementation issues.

This is a very brief summary of the NATRF2022 and future coordinate systems. Detailed information, publications, and webinars are accessible on the New Datums page of the NGS website.