F. Universal Transverse Mercator System

1. General

The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM ) System is collection of 60 adjacent cylindric map projections circumventing the earth. It was adopted in 1947 by the US Army for world-wide military map creation. Each projection, or zone, is 6° wide and runs from 80° S latitude to 84° N latitude (the Poles are covered by plane projections).

Zones are numbered 1 to 60 from west to east, Figure F-1. Each zone is divided into 20 blocks lettered C to X from south to north.

Figure F-1
UTM Zones

Table F-1 shows the zones pattern: ID, longitude span, and CM longitude.

Table F-1
UTM Zones
1 180°W-174°W 177°W
2 174°W-168°W 171°W
30 6°W-0° 3°W
31 0°-6°E 3°E
59 164°E-174°E 171°E
60 174°E-180°E 177°E