SF CLSA Chapter Seminar

Tuesday 19 March 2024 6:00pm PST

Measurement Errors and Their Effects

While we understand that all measurements are subject to errors, their effect on final positions can be confusing. Not all typically used software yield the same results. We'll identify different error propagation methods and their effect on final positions. 

Jerry Mahun, PLS

Presentation materials


(typos corrected)


The presentation format is 40± minutes with 20± min for Q&A. That's not very much time to start from ground zero and go all the way through basic least squares analysis. This document starts with the basics and works it way up through simple adjustment analysis. It does not go into alot of depth, mainly to introduce concepts and definitions. 

My presentation will be primarily on the latter part. 

For more information check the II. Errors topic in my Open Acess Surveying Library.


There were a few typos in the originally posted handout:

 Page 11  Change Epr definition to Pointing & reading error
   Change Et defintion to Target centering error.
 Page 15  In the bottom table, change the k value for DF 2 to 6.76
   Add the equation k before the table paragraph
 Assignment      This assignment will help get things jump-started before the presentation. 
Solution    Solutions for the assignment.


updated 20 March 2024