Self Study: Traverse Area

Problem (1)

What is the area of the traverse below? If the traverse precision was 1/11,300, what is the area's expected error?


Problem (2)

The owner of the parcel shown below hired a surveyor to determine the parcel area.

The surveyor was unable to run a simple loop traverse through the four property corners due to various obstructions. Instead, she created and measured a crossing-loop traverse (shown in blue). In addition to the parcel corners, additional points were needed to work the traverse around the obstructions.

Reducing the field measurements resulted in a 1/17,300 traverse precision. The traverse was adjusted by the Compass Rule and coordinates were computed.

Point North (ft) East (ft)
A 600.000 1,000.000
B 569.612 1,293.788
C 254.542 1,209.288
D 463.631 766.846
E 470.303 397.969
F 97.543 566.876

What is the parcel area and its expected error?