Problem (3)

A survey in northern Wisconsin includes NSRS point QN0534 Brent. For direction orientation, NSRS point QN0533 Swayne Tower L is sighted from Brent. An angle of 212°55'14" is turned to the right to traverse point Dog. The measured horizontal distance from Brent to Dog is 1725.63 ft. Dog's scaled elevation is 1385 ft. The survey will be adjusted in Wisconsin's North SPC Zone in survey feet. Constants for the zone include No = 365,048.99 ft = 111,267.15 m, ro = 20,927,206.92 ft = 6,378,625.43 m. 

(a) What is the geodetic azimuth from Brent to Swayne Tower L?
(b) What is the SPC grid azimuth from Brent to Swayne Tower L?
(c) Is there a significant arc-to-chord correction for the measured angle?
(d) What is the grid distance from Brent to Dog?