Problem (1)

The photo scale at point G is 1"=200', at point H it is 1"=300'. Which point is at a higher elevation?


Problem (2)

The top and bottom photo coordinates (x,y) of a 500 ft tall radio tower, in inches, are (-1.29,1.05) and (-0.89,-0.73). The tower base elevation is 1402 ft. The camera focal length was 152.502 mm. What was the flying height for the photo? Determine to nearest 10 ft.


Problem (3)

 A set of stereo photographs were take at a height of 3850 ft above datum with an airbase of 1100 ft. Coordinates on the photographs of two points, H and K, were measured as:

  Left photo Right photo
Point x, in y, in x, in y, in
H 0.88 2.79 -1.31 2.74
K -0.81 -2.27 -3.17 -2.31





Part (a)

Which point is at a higher elevation? Why?

Part (b)

What is the horizontal ground distance between the two points? Determine to nearest 10 ft.


Problem (4)

In order to achieve at least 65% endlap, what airbase must be used for a 152.528 mm focal length camera with a 9 inch by 9 inch negative format flown at 2700 ft above terrain level? Terrain is relatively flat.


Problem (5)

Prior to photography, a bench mark, point L, was targeted so it would appear on the image. Its elevation is 322.48 m.

The benchmark target appears in the lower right quarter of the photo.

Flying height was 1200 meters above datum, airbase 1500 m

Distances from the side fiducials to the target image were measured multiple times using a magnifying glass scale. The average values are:

From Dist, mm
A 177.49
C 95.16

Camera calibration data:

f = 152.0539 mm

Side fiducial coordinates

Mark x, mm y, mm
A -111.9902 0.0050
B 0.0520 112.0824
C 112.1084 -0.0052
D 0.0025 -111.0002

What are the ground coordinates of the benchmark? Compute to nearest 0.01 m.


Problem (6)

Two Section corners are targeted before aerial photography is flown. The flight will be in the direction of the Section line between the corners and will use a standard 6 inch focal length camera with a 9 inch by 9 inch negative format. The elevation of both corners is approximately 1150 ft and horizontal distance between them is 5272.36 ft. For both corners to appear on a single photo, what is the minimum flying height above datum that can be used? Determine to nearest 10 ft.


Solution: Photogrammetry