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2. Page and plate

Unlike a traditional book where each side of each sheet is a page, a field book page is the combined left and right sides when the book is laid out flat. Left of the binding is the left plate, on the right is the right plate, Figure C-2.

 Figure C-2
Page and Plates


The left plate is used primarily to record field measurements and perform necessary running calculations. On the right plate is recorded support information: weather, equipment, personnel, sketches, etc. These two plates compliment each other so together are referred to as a page.

Figure C-3 shows a page of Differential Leveling field notes. The left plate contains measurements and running calculations. Support information on the right plate identifies the weather conditions, equipment, personnel & responsibilities, bench mark description, sketch, and closure computations. The circled "5" at top left and top right  is the page number. 

Figure C-3
Differential Leveling Notes