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The purpose of this site is to disseminate Surveying Education material.
I'm initially doing this thru primarily two categories:
1. Seminar Presentations: these are slideshows, handouts, assignments, etc, used in my various seminar presentations.
2. Open Access Library - these are materials I've developed over the years in my classes and have adapted to web format. I am (slowly) assembling these into an online "text" for basic surveying education support. 
Open access material, by design, is intended to be shared and disseminated so anything in the Open Access Library may be freely used. Although I retain copyright on all my seminar material, I do grant permission for any of it to be freely used to support Surveying education whether in formal classes or for continuing education purposes or presentations to groups that could benefit from the information. It may be downloaded, printed, or saved and transferred to others in same formats for the aforementioned purposes. I do ask you credit either me or my website if you use any of it.
Because the material is educational in nature, it is not intended as self-instruction on how to perform surveys nor provide legal advice. Both those are the purview of the respective professional practitioners. No warranty is made or implied as to the accuracy, suitability, or usability of the information on this website.

I appreciate any feedback on the material. If you find spelling or grammar errors, please let me know. Should you need additional information or have suggestions for future Open Access content fell free to contact me. If the Open Access material proves useful and popular, I may solicit other authors who would be willing to contribute. And if you use any of the material, let me know as I'm interested in what it's used for and how well it meets users' needs.J. Mahun

Jerry Mahun
25 April 2016