TransPack is a Windows program I wrote which performs Conformal, Affine, and Projective coordinate transformations.

  • A Conformal is a four parameter transformation requiring at least two control points known in the From and To systems.
  • An Affine uses six parameters and requires at least three control points
  • A Projective uses eight parameters and requires at least four control points

If more control points are provided than needed, TransPack will determine transformation coefficients using least squares.

A separate point file can be transformed after coefficients are determined.

TransPack is a 64-bit program and compatible with Windows 7-10.

TransPack is provided as freeware for educational purposes with no warranty as to its use or applicability. It's a simple program to use but because it's not a commercial package, it doesn't trap file input/output errors. Pay attention to the file format information in the manual.

TransPack is a work-in-progress with a few more bells and whistles to be added. Consider the current version an advanced beta. I'm hoping to have a "final" version completed by sometime in 2021.

Download and run TransPack_Setup.exe to install the software and manual. The manual can be downloaded separately.

Please send comments/feedback to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

17 Mar 2021


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