These are two different Coordinate Conversion products for Wisconsin coordinate systems. Each supports Geodetic, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), Wis Transverse Mercator (WTM), State Plane Coordinate (SPC) and County systems on WCCS and WisCRS. These were developed for educational purposes; there is no warranty to their applicability or use for other purposes.

Both products have been checked against the Test Point Data - NAD 83  at the Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office Coordinate Reference Systems page. 


Wisconsin NAD83 Coordinate Conversion Workbook, Version 1.5

This is an Excel workbook for Direct (Geodetic to Grid) and Inverse (Grid to Geodetic) conversions. It is used for interactive point-by-point conversions. The workbook uses multiple sheets based on coordinate system and projection type to perform the conversion computations.

The first sheet, Conversion, is the user interface to input coordinates and view conversion results.The rest of the sheets are hidden to protect their contents.

The workbook uses Visual Basic for Applications so you may get a macro security warning when you open it in Excel. You must allow macros for the workbook to operate correctly.

Download Wis83CoordConv1-5.xlsm

Except for the WisCRS_Conic page, the workbook uses standard Transverse Mercator cylindric and Lambert conic secant projection equations. To adapt them to other US systems you only need to change zone parameters on the respective pages. The WisCRS_Conic page uses a special non-intersecting Lambert conic projection. Feel free to modify the workbook for you own needs.



ConCoord (Convert Coordinates) is a Windows program to perform Direct, Inverse, and Grid to Grid conversions. It can be used for interactive single point or point file conversions. The setup file installs the software and documentation.

This is work-in-progress package that I am releasing for feedback purposes. Modifications to the user interface and file formats will be considered based on user comments. Please send feedback to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include "ConCoord" in the subject line.

This is version 0.95, updated on 12 Feb 2021. It cleans up a few minor bugs.

CC_Setup.exe installs the software and user manual; the manual can also be downloaded separately.


Jerry Mahun, 06 Apr 2024