8. Self Study Problems

Computations and Conversions

Express each answer to the correct number of significant figures.

(1) Area, in acres, of a field that is 142.3 feet by 78.4 feet.

(2) Area in square meters covered by a rotating agricultural sprinkler that is 425 feet long.

(3) Volume of material in cubic yards removed from a 112.5 foot long rectangular trench that is 38 inches wide by 6.25 feet deep.

(4) Convert 18°12’47” to radians.

(5) Gravel for a road sub-base will be spread to a thickness of 6.0 inches 13.5 feet on both sides of centerline. What sub-base length in feet will covered by the gravel from a truck with a 12.4 cubic yard load?

(6) A distance is measured in three segments by different surveyors. Their individual measurements are 3.45 meters, 7.83 feet, and 95.6 inches. What is the total length in feet?


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