Coordinate Systems Self Study

Question (1)

A PLS Section resurvey in northwestern South Dakota is referenced to that state's North SPC zone on NAD 83 (2011). After measurement adjustment, the SPC coordinates of a Section corner were determined to be 735,056.25 ft N, 1,002,231.06 ft E. The elevation of the point, scaled from a topquad is 825 ft; geoid height in this area of South Dakota is -15.6 m.

Using NCAT or the NAD 83 Coordinate Conversion workbook, determine the following for the Section corner


Convert coordinates

-NCAT screenshot

-NAD83_Coord_Conversion workbook screenshot

(a) South Dakota North SPC Zone convergence

See screenshots: -2°40'53.5"

(b) South Dakota North SPC Zone combined factor (CF)


(b) UTM Zone 13 coordinates in meters

 See NCAT screenshot: 5,071,141.376 m N; 594,138.761 m E


Self Study: Coordinate Systems