Problem (3)

Given the horizontal network below:

The initial coordinates of point W are estimated.

Create the [C] and [K] matrices.


The coordinates are large and manipulating them could lead to potential rounding errors. To simplify computations a bit, the coordinates can be reduced to a local origin. This is done by subtracting one constant from the E coordinates and another from the N. In this case, subtract 42,600 m from E coordinates and 115,000 m from N:

Point E N
A 67.034 835.802
B 70.147 1161.493
C 313.231 1062.610
W 200 1000


Matrices structures

Distances and angles from initial approximations

[K] matrix elements


Compute [C] matrix elements

Distance WA

Distance WC

Angle AWB

Angle BWC

Assemble [C] and [K] matrices.


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