Self-Study: Meridian Conversion

State answers in the same angle format and to the same accuracy level as in the problem statements.


Problem (1)

In 1875 the magnetic bearing of a line was recorded as N 32°45'E and the declination was 8°12'W. The current declination is 2°30'E

(a) What is the current magnetic bearing?

(b) What was the true bearing in 1875?

(c) What is the current true bearing?


Problem (2)

In 1890, the magnetic bearings of lines AB and BC were S30º50’E and N85º30’E, respectively. The declination then was 3º00’E.

In 1960, the magnetic bearing of line AB was  S21º10’E.

(a) What was the magnetic bearing BC in 1960?

(b) What was the declination in 1960?


Problem (3)

When performing a survey of Lot 6, Surveyor Black started at a point on the center line of Oak Street, then turned 90° left to go to the first lot corner, point A. She then proceeded to survey the Lot exterior. She assumed a N 20°00'00" E bearing for the the street center line. Her final adjusted directions are shown below.

After checking records at the Highway Department, she discovered the center line bearing is actually N 14°28'35" E. Based on this new information, what are the corrected lot line bearings?


Problem (4)

The true azimuth of line DE is 287°15'35". The angle to the right at E from D to F is 121°38'55". Grid convergence at D is +2°15'45" and at E is +1°59'10". What is the true azimuth of line EF?


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