E. Example Survey Notes

Following are a few note form examples for different field operations. Each follows the general left plate/measurements - right plate/support data format.

Figures E-1 through E-3 are notes for collecting measurements.


Figure E-1
Traversing Field Notes
Figure E-2
Supplemental Topographic Survey
Notes for Digital Data Collection
Figure E-3
Precise Three Wire Leveling Notes


Figures E-4 and E-5 are examples of stakeout notes. They are used to lay out designed objects or features in the field.

Figure E-4 is used to stake a horizontal curve. On the left plate are precomputed angles and distances used for curve location. The right plate contains a sketch and support information which are entered after the curve is laid out. The curve in this example has been staked because the note keeper signed and dated the right plate.

Figure E-4
Completed Curve Stakeout Notes

Figure E-5 is partial stake out note page for a section of sanitary sewer. Prior to field work, the finished pipe invert elevations (Grade Elev) are computed based on the pipe slope. In the field, stakes are placed offset 15' to the left at the stationing interval shown. The stake elevations elevations are measured and recorded (Stake Elev). Cut/Fill is computed from the Grade and Stake Elevs, entered in the notes, and written on the respective stake.

Figure E-5
Sanitary Sewer Stakeout Notes