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4. Curvilinear Traverse

A curvilinear traverse is one which includes at least one arc as a side.

Figure F-7
Curvilinear Traverse


Some of the standard traverse computations need modification in order to account for curves. For example, latitudes and departures are determined for straight lines; on an arc this would correspond to the its chord. Another issue concerns area computation which we'll examine in a bit.

To fix the geometry and orientation of an arc, we need at least two of its geometric elements (e.g., R, Δ, L, T, C) along with its tangency conditions to adjacent elements. Given sufficient arc data we can use COGO tools in conjunction with arc geometry to compute point positions. This gives us the ability to compute more complex collections of traverses such as Figure F-8 (taken from the Wisconsin Platting Manual, Plat Review, Wisconson Dept of Administration).


Figure F-8
Multiple Curvilinear Traverses

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