I'm updating and reformatting some existing material and adding new. I'll be working on this for a month or two so check back periodically.

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updated 27 Aug 2018

It's been a while since I've added material to the website, but I'm working on a few things.

  • The COGO topic has just been updated and expanded to include alternative intersection computations. A supportive Excel workbook has also been added.
  • Adding more example and self-study problems.
  • Cleaning up format inconsistencies on the entire site. 
  • Making user comments easier to add (for registered users; comments will be visible to all users).

If you have suggestions for the website, typo or grammar corrections, additional or expanded topics, please let me know. Some topics might be beyond the scope of this material (and my expertise) but I will gladly incorporate what I can when I can. 

updated 20 Jul 2020

Equation 1:

Equation 2:

Equation 3:


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posted 12 Jun 2018